Our Story

VUFF’s mission is to broaden the modern bond of respect and affection between canines and humans through design.

VUFF! is how the Danish describe a dog’s bark, and so it goes in other cultures, Arf Arf!, Wouah Wouah!  Blaf Blaf! There are hundreds of examples in various human dialects.  And yet, dogs are not so specific. Dogs are universal.  All over the world they speak a common language, and bond themselves affectionately with us.  At VUFF, we celebrate this bond between people and dogs.  We design with dogs.  We innovate unexpected new dog essentials that combine beauty, comfort and performance so that stylish people and universal dogs can live better lives together.

Designed with Dogs

Starlite is my dog and design partner.  Our bond is one of mutual respect and trust forged through hundreds of miles of adventurous walks in the woods or on our way to the dog park. And, as two beings tethered together, metaphorically and physically, I dreamed of things that could make her life better. Things that I, as a designer, would create and we would use and enjoy together. My first question was, if I had to wear a collar…what would I want?  Light and comfortable. Simple. Strong. Elegant. Hardware that would be…soft.   A collar that felt like I was wearing no collar at all.  A feeling of freedom. So, the exploration into materials began and I selected a circular braided monofilament made from PET plastic that is incredibly light, strong, and recyclable. Over the next year COLLARLESS was created.  Starlite tested it on our walks, and I actually wore one on my drive to the studio. COLLARLESS, the innovative new collar was approved. While working on COLLARLESS, I discovered that the braided material chosen also had structural flexibility that implied new possibilities for the form and design of another daily essential, the dog leash.  Ideally, the leash should be an unconscious connection between the dog and the human, adding safety and style, but not rigidity and weight. A non-leash leash.  By using a unique and proprietary co-axial construction, we created a soft and flexible, but secure handle that adjusts gently to motion--no abrading. Simple. Strong. Elegant. Again, Starlite and I tested and approved our second product, UNLEASH.

Performance Inspired Design  

Good design should be rooted in problem solving and reveal a sense of surprise and clarity through unexpected relationships. For me this unique perspective is achieved by the innovative use of materials.  Growing up in Maine, I was fascinated by the materials and structures of nature.  As an adult studying art, craft, architecture and industrial design, I began to press the limits of materials used in my designs, using them in non-traditional and unexpected ways.  Over time, this discipline and exploration of materials became a tactile approach to design, and I often feel my way towards solutions.  I have bins full of all kinds of materials in a storage room near my loft, fabrics, leathers, papers, metals, plastics, cords, ropes, all shapes, textures and sizes of things; anything that has attracted my attention at some point.  I put my hands into these bins and do a bit of exploring.   What feels good?  What could I make from this?  Could this have a new and unexpected meaning?

Aaron Lown -  Founder