Review - CollarLess on Vuksan

Dear VUFF,

Thanks for letting us try the collar on Vuksan! He's a Sarplaninac if it matters, so he gets a really thick double coat in winter. He is also only 14 weeks, so some of this review will be mute with a more mature dog.

First of all, no matting! The collar is almost c shaped, curling away from the hair and body, so it slides really smoothly along his fur. Vuksan has a double coat so it doesn't stick to either his long top coat or the thick undercoat. Long hair did want to get caught as we were tightening the collar, but that happens with all collars.  Plastic clips are even worse because you can't gently pull the hair out so smoothly.

Best part for me is the sliding ring for the leash. It is so hard on him to find that loop usually because it's hidden under fur and he is a puppy so he's never still. But that loop always seems to be right on top, even if the collar has spun, and if it needs to be moved, the whole system, collar and loop, glide freely. 

One issue we have is with puppy leash training. Because he is so heavy, when he's rambunctious on the leash, the give in the collar makes it hard to "yank" him. Not yank for control, which can still be done, but those subtle yanks for when you are training him on the leash. I think we need a harness for that anyway, though. Conversely, when he is doing well and trotting like normal, the give in the collar is perfect. It allows us to be slightly off from each other and for him not to feel tugged, so I bet when he is trained better this is actually a benefit.

Anyway, we love it. We pledged two sets already, one for a gift! It's a life saver with a dog who is doubling in size every month. Thanks again. We will drop off tomorrow if that works.