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This Dog Collar Might Actually Be Good for Your Dog


 The causes of fur matting in dogs are the prolonged exposure to friction and moisture. It’s no surprise, then, that the most common spot for a dog’s coat to matt is beneath and around the collar, a place where friction is constant and moisture and stains can hide.

Vuff wants to change with Collarless, a dog collar designed specifically to cut back on matting. Instead of a heavy canvas, leather or other similar material, Collarless is a braided, breathable, ultra-lightweight (1 ounce!) plastic webbing that permits regular airflow through it and is moisture-resistant.

Despite its weight, the webbing has been pull tested to endure upwards of a 1,000-pound pull force. Vuff’s Collarless is available now in orange, charcoal and tweed colors, and comes with your dog’s name laser-engraved into it.