SilentID Tag - for CollarLess

SilentID Tag - for CollarLess


The SilentID tag is included with the purchase of CollarLess. Only order it here if you would like an additional ID tag. OR If you are claiming your SilentID Tag because you purchased CollarLess in a store or from another online retailer. *see below for details


Secure and Easy attachment to CollarLess (no tools necessary).

Jingle-Proof - SilentID tag will not ‘jingle’ like typical ID tags.

Laser Engraved - Your Dog’s Name and Contact info will be permanently laser engraved directly onto the SilentID tag.

Durable - The SilentID Tag is made from the same high-strength, impact resistant plastic composite that all other VUFF hardware is made from.


  • You will be prompted to enter the name and contact info for your dog as well as the name of the retailer you purchased CollarLess™ from. If you are ordering an additional tag from this site please enter VUFF.

  • When you get to the final steps of checkout you will find a “DISCOUNT CODE” field where you will enter the discount code supplied to you by the retailer you purchased CollarLess from. Once you enter this code all charges including shipping will read $0.00. You will not be charged anything.

  • IMPORTANT - Leave the credit card payment fields blank, you do not need to enter your credit card info. Proceed to final checkout by clicking CONTINUE.

  • After placing this order please allow 7-10 days to receive you tag in the mail.

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