UnLeash - ultralight dog leash

UnLeash - ultralight dog leash


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Part ‘style accessory’ part ‘high performance gearUnLeash was designed with YOU in mind. UnLeash’s unique Co/Ax handle design is like nothing you have ever felt before. A tactile delight, It will make you smile and want to play with it while at the same time exhibiting some serious functional attributes like anti-abrasion properties and breathability to name a few. On the other end of the leash is a sculptural and very ergonomic carabiner made from an ultralight aluminum alloy.

Features: Anti-abrasion handle, Ultralight, Breathable, Non-Absorbing and High Strength

Sizing: 5 foot

Weight: 3 oz.

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  • Webbing: 3D braided , 100% PET monofilaments ( pull tested to 1000 lbs. )

  • Hardware: high-strength Nylon/Glass fiber composite.

  • Carabiner hook: Die cast aluminum alloy and a stainless steel latch


  • 5 foot