Useful Product Information

CollarLess Instructions, Fit Recomendations, CollarLess Size Range, Cleaning recomendations


CollarLess Instructions

  1. TO ADJUST: Grip the ANCHOR and feed the loop through to make collar larger or smaller.
  2. TO LOCK: Slide the LOCK over the WEDGE until you feel a 'click'. You must feel the 'click' to know the lock is fully engaged and secure.
  3. TO UNLOCK: Hold the LOCK and push firmly up on the WEDGE from underneath.

Fit Recomendations

CollarLess™ is designed to fit a range of Medium to Extra-Large dogs.  Our recomendations for fitting a dog collar: Once you've adjusted CollarLess around your dogs neck, and securely locked the WedgeLock™ closure, we recomend that you should be able to easily slide two fingers under the collar. When you slide the width of your two fingers between the collar and neck, the collar should feel snug but not tight.


CollarLess Size Ranges

CollarLess will expand to an inner measurement of 23"" and will go as small as 12".

Cleaning CollarLess and UnLeash

Our webbing is incredibly easy to clean as you will see in this short video. note: in case your wondering we used peanut butter for this demo.

We recommend cleaning your leash and collar under warm running water. You will see in the video that by pushing the material together the weave will open and release any debris.